Works in Progress – #2

This project started in spring 2015…a new home with no exisiting gardens.  It is a dream come true for a landscaper…a blank pallet to design and create!  My client, Frank, wanted a garden area with paths throughout with low maintenance plants.  The soil is clay and rock.  Frank also wanted two ponds with a river bed running from the top pond to feed the bottom.

I suggested a tropical theme since many tropical and sub-tropical plants are not only slow growers (which means they will not block his ocean view) but are also low maintenance.  I sketched a basic garden outline and worked from it, tweaking and changing it as it developed.  No garden design is set in stone so to speak, there will always be changes as the landscape develops.  The existing rocks have been used throughout the garden designs to enhance the natural flow of the gardens.

Franks Garden 031Franks Garden 030Franks Garden 009Franks Garden 035Franks Garden 027

Franks Garden 026Franks Garden 022Franks Garden 018

patio gardenFrank's overhead view.2 jpg