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Creating a new garden

A current picture of the garden shows the changing colours of the flowers and their growth. 🙂

new garden 9

We have completely transformed the back yard.  Last year the neighbour took down a large cedar tree in their back yard.  It was along the fence so it opened up the back yard to sunshine and to rain.  This year the garden owner wanted a flower garden along the fence line so we rolled up our sleeves and went to work.  The beauty of it is that there is wonderful view from the deck as well as the rest of the yard.  We started by clearing the sod. One end of the new garden area had previously been a compost area so the soil was nutrient rich.  We brought in fresh organic soil from Cinnabar Valley farms and amended it with dolmite lime, peat moss and bone meal.  The entire garden was top dressed with about 3 to 4 inches of soil and worked in about 3 to 4 inches deep.  Then we planted perennials and interspersed them with annuals to fill in the empty spaces to add colour and depth to the garden area.  Throughout the entire season we now have themes of yellow, red, orange and white at different times.  The garden is forever changing as the plants come into bloom.   The Garden Owner is very happy with the new garden and I too love what we have created!  The picutres were taked over a period of 3 months to show how the garden fills out during the growing season.

Happy Gardening…see you in the Garden or the Garden Centre!

new garden 1 new garden 4

new garden 3 new garden 5 new garden 6 new garden 7 new garden 8