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a plant of the daisy family, typically with yellow, orange, or copper-brown flowers, that is widely cultivated as an ornamental and will reseed itself if you allow the flower to go to seed and reseed itself.




Before you use herbicides or pesticides in your gardens…consider this!  Study after study have proven that those chemicals used have a high correlation to all sorts of disease, not to mention depleting our wonderful earth of its natural checks and balances!  So… you are not using them on the produce you are growing or consuming…well that is great but you are still ingesting them from the air and water if you are using them in your flower gardens.



Mother nature provides the balance our gardens need if we research, plan and plant correctly.  There are many plants that will create the natural balance in mother nature to deter an over abundance of bugs, critters and weeds.  For example…the marigold is a wonderful plant which provides months and months of beauty flowering from early spring until frost and is such a deterrent in our gardens against infestations of bugs- including the pesky mosquitos,  guarding against rabbits and also deer, if planted along borders and interspersed with other plants. The pungent smell of the flowers deters bugs from eating neighbouring fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of marigolds are numerous…too numerous to mention in one post.  But here are a few!  Yes..correct…it is a wonderful healing plant! Just be sure to confirm which marigold cultivars are edible.  There are several such as the Lemon Gem or Mexican Marigold.

Medicinal Benefits

– Inflammation of the intestines
– Diarrhea
– Liver problems
– Expel worms
– Herpes and glandular swellings
– Hepatitis                                                                                                                                                                                                             – Cancer and tumor growths
– Cracked feet and ulcerated legs
– Non healing wounds- Athlete`s feet
– Nose scabs
– Varicose veins
– Eczema and skin infections

Chop some fresh flowers and add it to some coconut oil. Heat slightly and then let cool. The ointments are good for pains. To make the ointment easy to spread, you can add some vegetable oil to the ointment. Some will recommend lard instead of coconut oil. Remedies using the ointment:

– Athlete`s feet
– Nose scabs
– Varicose veins
– Eczema and skin infections

The leaves can be used in salads or as fresh vegetables and eaten to heal tuberculosis.  In conclusion…this beautiful flower is no light weight in the garden…for its healing properties or the wonderful balance it brings to nature!  Happy Planting!  Cheers!

However, if you are just looking to maintain control of your garden with a healthy balance then you have found a great source of beauty and balance for your outdoor space.  Did I mention that it is easy to grow, is abundant at nursery centres, can be grown from the seed pods the flowers produce,  and will often reseed itself for the following year and can also be purchased at any seed store by the package and sown directly outdoors in early spring. In the photo below…I did a mass planting of marigold seeds around a new patio garden I put in for my Garden Owner…Frank.  I created him an outdoor living area that is shaded in the afternoon from the hot sun.  The challenge was to insure that bugs and critters would be kept in balance as there are many other plants around the patio as well.  It is a brand new home Frank has built so I am fortunate enough to have a blank canvas to create.  He wanted a low maintenance garden which he could enjoy areas of seating throughout the garden.  This is the first one I have created.