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Weeds Weeds Weeds!

For years just like everyone else I have struggled and struggled with weeds.  Especially in the lawn.  If I had a dollar for every dandelion I have pulled or popped the top off so it wouldn’t go to seed, I would be rich rich rich!

This spring when the challenge was how to get rid of moss on two fruit trees I was pruning, I again turned to Google to see what products were out there that I didn’t know about!  Like magic a link comes up and the first thing I see (which is great for an organic gardener like me)  is “Scott’s Ecosense“….hmmm well what is ecosense I ask.

Well, Ecosense is the product of the century in my books.  It is iron based…yay…and safe to use.  The best part is it feeds your grass while it kills the weeds.  Yes, that is right, you can spray your lawn with Ecosense and it will NOT hurt it.  Any broad leaf plant will turn black and die and the grass will thrive.  (It is important not to spray the grass with ecosense during dry spells when the grass is stressed. ) Grass loves iron so it naturally feeds the grass while killing the weeds.   Not only that, I learned that it works fantastic on the branches and trunks of trees to kill moss.  In fact the apple tree I sprayed was completely covered in moss.  Within an hour the moss started to turn black.  After 2 days, I returned to the garden and used a soft bristled brush to gently brush off the dead moss with no harm to the tree.  I have since used it many times, sometimes to kill dandelions or buttercups that are taking over a lawn and have also used it on walkways, steps, rocks and tree trunks to kill moss.  I am so happy with this product.  I highly recommend it.  Best of all it comes with a sprayer & batteries…ready to go!

This product is safe for the environment, for humans and for pets.  Just be sure to keep your pets inside until the product is dry when applying!  Please read the instructions on the bottle before use. A link to questions and answers is here: 


You can purchase this product at Buckerfields, Home Hardware, Home Depot and Canadian Tire.  I would guess that most stores carry it.  Try it, you will love that you did!

Cheers!  See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂