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We are Landscaper Gardeners in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on the Pacific West Coast of Canada. Our motto is…”when you do what you love and you love what you do…you are one with the landscape. Creating a perfect garden paradise. We will create a landscape (an area) or garden space in a style which requires little or no irrigation.

My garden….planting more bulbs!

As I mentioned in an earlier post…it is still not too late to plant spring bulbs.  I planted these a couple weeks ago before the snow came and went.  The instructions are easy.  The biggest risk is critters and not planting the bulbs deep enough.  They will still sprout if they are too shallow but you run the risk of them being damaged by frost.  I have many more to plant and also must replace the ones the squirrels took. I took pictures both before and after planting.  I weeded the area first and then worked up the soil about six inches deep.  Then I added organic matter from my composter and worked it in too.  I didn’t add much because it is so rich.  Also, the location being under a tree where years of leaves have composted down gives me a solid soil base to start with.  As I said earlier in a post, I like mass planting so I planted many tulips and crocus…some I planted 3 to a hole.  This will give me masses of spring flowers just as the earth is waking up for the season and should be very showy for several weeks.

My garden is a work in progress and I am excited to watch it unfold.  Happy planting…see you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂

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Which Garden Tools will get the job done!

garden tools

Landscaping or Gardening is a labour intensive job that many people are not fond of.  I am one of those people who loves the physical work out as much as the end result.  I love working with the earth and seeing a finished landscape evolve through my own hard work.

The tools used are of utmost importance, saving you frustration, time and yes money at the end of your work day.  My favourite and most used tools are a pitch fork, a good pair (or two) of trimmers, loppers, a rake and an edger as well as a garden bag for trimmings and clippings.  As a landscape gardener I need tools that I can depend on day after day.  After many dollars spent on tools that did not stand up to the test of time, I discovered “Fiskars” brand.  The company, which was founded almost 400 years ago, offers a life time guarantee on their products.

My work takes me to every corner of an outdoor space and the job changes often by the minute.  I needed tools that would stand up to the intense workout of multiple demands hour after hour.  So I bought my first pair of Fiskars hand trimmers and was so satisfied with them, I bought another pair.  My first pair is now many years old and I still use them.   Since my first purchase, I have replaced most of my tools with Fiskars.  I have not found another brand that stands up as well.   So at the end of my work day when I am cleaning up my tools and the garden area, I am grateful that I found a product that stands up to the labour intensive job of garden work and landscaping  Many other tools I have purchased, became dull almost immediately, often bending or warping after little use and many others rusted from the moisture.    But not Fiskars…they just keep going and going.  And I love the orange coloured handles…easy to find in the garden.  I have lost  many hand tools in the garden because they are black and difficult to see against the black soil.

So the next time you are thinking of purchasing or replacing some or all of your garden tools…consider Fiskars…you will be glad you did.  They are available in every hardware store and have a website loaded with tool and garden information.  Best of all…they come with a lifetime guarantee!  See you in the garden…or the garden centre!  Cheers!


A Gardener’s Paradise…cleaning a pond and water fall

pond garden1 pond garden 2

Pond Cleanuppond garden 3

Before clean up


pond garden 4pond garden 5

After Clean up!


I often call myself the extreme landscaper.  I love taking on BIG landscape or garden clean up jobs!  Not only because I love the challenge but because I am a visual person and love the garden restoration after it is complete!  The work is often tedious and painstaking and often times at the end of a work period it seems I have made no headway!  But then almost magically, the garden comes to life and is revitalized.  Many,  many times after a garden is complete and I download the final photos and compare them with the before photos…I am amazed and energized by the garden work I have completed!  This clean up was one such challenge.  The pond and walkway had been overgrown for some years and it often times seems endless as it was a very detailed labour intensive job.  I worked it that garden yesterday and walked the steps up past the pond and it has held up to the test of time.  I completed this job a few seasons ago and still it is clean and beautiful!  So very happy with the end result…and MOST importantly so are the Garden Owners! 🙂