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A Garden Challenge

After moving to Ladysmith BC from Comox Valley BC, I took on my first garden job in the area.  The gardens are considerably large and were overgrown tremendously.  That first season in the garden saw many challenges. In early summer the garden owners went on holidays.  I had met with them prior to their departure and discussed their garden plans.  They had purchased the property the year prior and were looking for someone to weed.   Not much had been done for a few years in the gardens!  The garden designs were there and at one time had been quite beautiful but had since overgrown to the point where much was overshadowed by weeds and overgrown plants.  This proved to be one such challenge.  I had walked and worked in the garden many times and had avoided this corner of the garden because I did not know what to do.  In this corner of the garden sits a dwarf tree…meant to be a focal point and now it was an eye sore!  I must have walked around that tree 20 times.  Always unsettled about what to cut or do with it…I even considered cutting it down!  However, I could not as it is not my garden and I would never make such a decision without the garden owner’s permission.  And here is the tree…come to think of it…there were two in the gardens…one on each end and each was very overgrown and mis-shaped…

overgrown shrub2overgrown shrub1

A Gardener’s Paradise…cleaning a pond and water fall

pond garden1 pond garden 2

Pond Cleanuppond garden 3

Before clean up


pond garden 4pond garden 5

After Clean up!


I often call myself the extreme landscaper.  I love taking on BIG landscape or garden clean up jobs!  Not only because I love the challenge but because I am a visual person and love the garden restoration after it is complete!  The work is often tedious and painstaking and often times at the end of a work period it seems I have made no headway!  But then almost magically, the garden comes to life and is revitalized.  Many,  many times after a garden is complete and I download the final photos and compare them with the before photos…I am amazed and energized by the garden work I have completed!  This clean up was one such challenge.  The pond and walkway had been overgrown for some years and it often times seems endless as it was a very detailed labour intensive job.  I worked it that garden yesterday and walked the steps up past the pond and it has held up to the test of time.  I completed this job a few seasons ago and still it is clean and beautiful!  So very happy with the end result…and MOST importantly so are the Garden Owners! 🙂