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A retail business offering plants and plant related products for retail sale for domestic garden use.

My Garden

yard beginningCopy of after fall clean up 800x452

backyard1back yard 800x452

back yard after clean up

IMAG0739back yard clean up 1

The clean up in my garden has been done for quite some time and I have been slowly planting bulbs.  Where ever I would like a splash of spring colour, I have added bulbs.  In many places I have done a mass planting of 7 bulbs or more.  The bonus is that once they have flowered, I can plant other things there…being careful of course not to disturb the bulbs too much.

It is now time to start planting the vegetables from seed.  I am careful to check and make sure of which ones are ready to be planted from seed at this time of year using my planting chart from West Coast Seeds.  They have taken the guess work out and also sell non-GMO organic seeds of every kind, including organic heirloom seeds and with over 800 varieties they will have every seed you want.  This year alone they have added over 150 new varieties of seeds.  Their planting chart also includes zone information for your planting convenience.  Their website is a wealth of knowledge and they have retail partners all over Vancouver Island to make it more convenient.  So the next time you are out shopping stop at Art Knapps, Buckerfields or Dinter’s….just to mention a few.  There are dozens of places island wide to buy their seed or order it online.  Whatever is easier.  Check their website for more locations.  See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂


Bulbs for Fall planting

Squirrel stealing bulbs

It is time to think about planting your spring flowering bulbs now.  There are many types and colours to choose from.  Just remember to purchase your bulbs at a reputable garden centre or nursery or even a catalog.  Remember you get what you pay for.  The bulbs must be from good stock in order to have the showy blooms and healthy plants you are looking for.  When planting remember to amend the soil and add compost…it will continually feed your plants all year long as it composts down and creates the food for the plants.  Plant your bulbs soon after you purchase to ensure the best growth and blooms.  Work organic compost and mulch a few inches into the soil before placing your bulbs.  I love mass planting of bulbs because they are such show stoppers in the spring.  However if you have limited space try and plant in groups of 3 or 5 bulbs.  Remember to plant at a depth of approximately 3 x the bulb width.  In sandy soils plant slightly deeper and in clay soils plant not quite so deep.  Add mulch to the top layer of soil to maintain moisture and control weeds.  If you have critters in or around your garden such as squirrels or voles it is a good idea to add a chicken wire cage across the top of the planting area and stake it down with 4 or 5 inch metal stakes that you can purchase at your local garden centre or hardware store.  Once you are done planting remember to give the area a good watering and then just wait for spring and let mother nature do her magic!  In the spring, once the bulbs have sprouted up, remove the chicken wire cage to allow the plants to grow freely and enjoy!