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using the five w’s; who, what, when, where, why – to feed the plants in your garden. Each plant has a different composition and therefore different needs in terms of food-fertilizer. Each plant may also need to be fed at a different time and require different applications of food. eg…some plants require food at their roots, while other plants require food to be worked in a few feet away from their roots.

Fall Fertilizing

It is that time of year when many garden owners ask me about fertilizing and feeding their perennials  and trees.  Most plants go semi-dormant during the winter months here…meaning they still grow but at a much slower pace, often working on their root system until it is time for spring.

So, with that in mind, yes do fertilize your garden being careful not to over fertilize.  Just as plants grow at a slower rate, fertilizer also breaks down slower in the winter months and if there is too much it can result in over fertilization in the spring.  The last thing you want is to have a build up of fertilizer in the spring.    With fall feeding it is a good idea to follow a simple rule…when the leaves have all fallen off the trees it is time to stop feeding until spring.

The blend of fertilizer I use is organic compost (from my compost bin) mixed with blood meal, bone meal and a shot of lime.  This will slowly release during the winter months ensuring the plants stay healthy and well fed through to spring.  This blend will balance the soil, slowly release nitrogen and phosphorus for the plants health and help to ensure that pests and disease are non-existent in your garden.

See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂