Gardening Links

My organic garden salad

There are so many many places to gain knowledge and information for your outdoor space that I could never list them all!  I have chosen a few to share with you that have been priceless for me.

For an excellent source of knowledge and organic know how and a very good read go to

Garden soil, mulch and compost!  The best organic soil I have ever seen.  Call Milan at HighLine 250-667-1029.  His yard is on Brenton-Page Road near Ladysmith.



This most recent link comes from Nicole from Portland Oregon, who found and shared her link…gardening for kids.  It is a wonderful article with many great ideas for kids of all ages to get them involved in growing with mother earth.  Thanks Nicole!


Dinter Nursery just south of Duncan BC,  is an incredible Garden Centre with a wealth of knowledge and helpful staff.  They are number one in my books when it comes to purchasing plants or trees.  They are also a great resource when you have garden challenges to overcome.


I believe that the earth provides everything we need for health, healing and happiness.  And no where is this more true then with West Coast Seeds.  Their offerings of non-GMO seeds is the best I have found.  Their website provides a wealth of knowledge and information in regards to organics, herloom and heritage seeds that you will not find anywhere else.

Please check out Mother Earth News.  It is a wonderful website chalked full of earth information, tips and savings on every day living, gardening and more!


Another fine read for tons of information on organic living and growing is Organic Life.  It is a wonderful read and is sure to have much information to enhance your organic life experiences!


This link is very beneficial to help all gardeners put a natural balance in their gardens in terms of beneficial bugs and companion planting to protect your plants from predators.