Completed Project 2015

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The garden owners wanted the hedge trimmed back as it had extended into their driveway by about 3 feet.  It was the heat of the summer in July when everything was so dry.  The challenge was to clean the entire hedge and trim it back past the driveway.  The hedge is about 100 feet across.  It sits in the middle of a circular driveway and had not been trimmed for over 6 years.  I started trimming with my garden sheers and realized that many of the branches were too large to trim by hand.  The summer was so dry and with the risk of fire, it was not safe to use a gas powered chain saw.  So I used an electric pole pruner, and it worked great!  The entire job took about 35 hours…which included trimming several trees that are growing in the cedar hedge, as well as cleaning out a garden area around the front door.

Cedar Hedge Complete

cedar hedge progress 2cedar hedge complete