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Maintaining a Multi-Million Dollar Estate for sale

I was hired in May this year to maintain the gardens on a 10 acre wooded estate that is for sale.  This is where the great spotted owl lives that sometimes visits me while I work.  The property backs on to the ocean and has a private cove.  The gardens were all existing but needed to be trimmed,  pruned and cleaned up.  The lawn needed to be aerated, thatched and seeded.  I work there once per week to maintain everything. This includes cleaning out the garden beds, amending with soils and fertilizers, trimming a laurel hedge around the carriage house, trimming a cedar hedge along the driveway and cleaning the driveway each time I am there.  The garden owner is a great person to work for and has a fantastic sense of humor.  She is clear and concise on what she wants done and appreciates the work I do…and I am so very grateful to work for her.

The driveway runs through the entire property and opens up on the water with the main house and a carriage house overlooking the water.  So of course a fall clean up was required also.





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The Endangered Spotted Owl! One priceless perk of being a landscaper!


Today I worked on a 10 acre rural property, a weekly visit always rewarded by being a part of nature.  Today, while I was trimming a cedar hedge along the wooded driveway, I look directly into the eyes of this beautiful spotted owl, which I should say…is an endangered species.  He was quite curious about what I was doing, and sat for a long while watching.  When he did leave, it was to capture a small bird in mid-flight as swift as he was quiet!  What a wonderful day…and I get paid to be a part of this…yes folks its just part of my work day and I am so thankful to be a small part of it! 🙂