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To all of our clients…thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you!  Cheers!

Call us for all your lawn and landscape needs… thank you from Tim, Trevor, Mike, Miss Ryla, Kathleen and baby Ashlyn.

Children in the Garden

If we are to enjoy, protect and benefit from the earth and all that it creates, then it is necessary to engage children…the younger the better to teach them the joy of gardening, the sacredness of the earth and all that it offers.  For they will grow just as plants do and they will become caretakers of earth, for we are all part of something so much greater then our own individuality.

There is nothing more satisfying then growing your own flowers, trees, plants,  fruits and vegetables with a child and experience their joy, enthusiasm and wonder…so incredibly precious through the eyes of a child.  Gardening is magical, we have only to experience children in the garden with us to see and feel the magic of being part of the ecosystem of the earth.  These two little girls are my beautiful granddaughters.  They are almost 2 & 4 and are the perfect age to garden.  My oldest granddaughter has been gardening with mommy since she could walk so she is well versed with watering…it is her favourite activity besides making mud pies for daddy!

It is important to be safe in the garden.  So we purchased childrens’ garden gloves at the local store.  We put on our gum boots and we only have organic soils to use.  Which is important since my youngest granddaughter, Ashlyn decided she needed to taste the soil to see if it passed inspection.   And of course safety also means never leaving them unattended or unsupervised.

Gardening with them was an incredibly satisfying and fun adventure, watching them laugh and learn about all living things.

Each of the girls helped to plant a cedar tree in a pot to put on daddy’s deck.  Ryla who is almost four ask if the tree would grow today.  I explained to her that it grows like she does from the food and water we feed it and the sunshine it receives…slowly but surely getting bigger and bigger…just like her.

Then we watered the strawberries making a liquid organic fertilizer from the organic soil and water and added it to the strawberries which have not woken up for the season.

Being a Landscape Gardener!


A Great Garden Link for Children

Recently, I received an email offering me a great garden link to put on my website for children.  I have pasted the email below and would like to thank Nicole for her help in researching and sharing her garden link.  Thank you Nicole, what a great find.  There are so many things for children to learn, do and discover in the garden! Hope you have a great summer growing your own garden, with lots of success and fun!

See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂



My name is Erica , I am from Portland, Oregon. Since school ended a few weeks ago, I have been brainstorming outdoor activities and projects My kids can enjoy and learn at the same time. We have been doing some backyard birdwatching, and have also been working on creating a garden in our yard. With the garden we are also researching and identifying insects we come across. We have been doing research online for gardening techniques and learning about flowers, and we thought your page, was very helpful and wanted to thank you!

While we were doing some looking online about flowers and which ones might be best for our garden, My daughter Nicole found this article, about gardening for kids. I thought it was a great find by her and thought I’d share it with you so you could add it to your page for other kids to have access to.

Thanks again for all of the helpful information on your page, we really appreciate it! I would love to show Nicole she was able to contribute some knowledge, and if you are able to add the article to your resources I think that would really encourage her to keep on learning and hopefully develop a life long hobby for gardening. Thanks again and hopefully speak to you soon.

Best Wishes,