Cleaning a Vacant Lot

Island Garden Scapes was hired to clear this vacant lot for building.  The lot itself had shrubs, trees and oh noooo…blackberry vines along the perimeter of the property on three sides.  Most of the shrubs were overgrown rhododendrons intertwined with blackberry brambles.  Everything on the entire lot had to come down to make way for a 5 plex.  It was quite a job.  I estimated it would take 30 hours and it was close at 24.5.  Although I did not take down one tree and one shrub on the east side of the property.  This was left for the company coming in with a backhoe.  He said he could easily take them down.

Everything else was cut down, leaving enough of a stump for the backhoe to hook on and pull out the roots.   Now all that is left is the mess…all of the garden wasted will be loaded and taken away today by the backhoe operator.

Before and After


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