Blessings of the Season to All


A very special thank you to each and every garden owner who has touched my life and my heart.  Thank you for hiring my company and thank you so very much for every moment I have spent in your gardens…it has truly been my pleasure!  May you be blessed now and all year long, with happiness, peace and joy!  A safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year to all!

Thank you to:

Janet & Daryl, Mark & Cathy, Verna & Sharon, Stan & Doris, Chrissy, Jennifer, Lynn & Oskar, Connie, Pru & Rod, Janice, Christine & Angus, Rachel, Ed & Gena, Peter, Jim, Lorraine & Les, Sheila, Len, Carollyne, Dan, Frank, David, Henry, Irene, Marie, Eileen, Allan & Mavis, Howard & Francis, John & Sylvia, Garry, June, Suzanne, Sharron, Shirley & Stan, James, Jannine, Mike & Alyson, Jimmy, Debbie, …so very grateful to each of you.

A very special thank you to Mike, Tim and Trevor…thank you for believing in me and supporting me…I am forever grateful!

A heart felt thank you to the folks at Take5 who have been so wonderful…blessings of the season to all of you!

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