Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

Growing tomatoes in December on Vancouver Island


Yes folks, they are ripening outside in December.  For those of you who are not from Vancouver Island and many who are, it might come as a shock but this is growing right now.

I recently was hired by new clients to do a fall clean up in Saltair.  Stan and Doris are long time gardeners and lovely people and I am blessed to work for them.  On my first day at their house way back in September, I saw these incredibly healthy tomato plants they were growing in pots against their house.  Each visit, I have watched these plants and am amazed myself.  The plants are still flowering….almost 9 months after planting.  Yes the plant has slowed down with shortened days but it is still flowering and ripening.  Who would ever have thought this would be possible in December.  Stan said they are still eating ripe tomatoes a couple days a week and the plant was loaded with flowers when I was there on December 2nd.  Wow!!!

Happy Gardening…see you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂