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A Great Garden Link for Children

Recently, I received an email offering me a great garden link to put on my website for children.  I have pasted the email below and would like to thank Nicole for her help in researching and sharing her garden link.  Thank you Nicole, what a great find.  There are so many things for children to learn, do and discover in the garden! Hope you have a great summer growing your own garden, with lots of success and fun!

See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂



My name is Erica , I am from Portland, Oregon. Since school ended a few weeks ago, I have been brainstorming outdoor activities and projects My kids can enjoy and learn at the same time. We have been doing some backyard birdwatching, and have also been working on creating a garden in our yard. With the garden we are also researching and identifying insects we come across. We have been doing research online for gardening techniques and learning about flowers, and we thought your page, was very helpful and wanted to thank you!

While we were doing some looking online about flowers and which ones might be best for our garden, My daughter Nicole found this article, about gardening for kids. I thought it was a great find by her and thought I’d share it with you so you could add it to your page for other kids to have access to.

Thanks again for all of the helpful information on your page, we really appreciate it! I would love to show Nicole she was able to contribute some knowledge, and if you are able to add the article to your resources I think that would really encourage her to keep on learning and hopefully develop a life long hobby for gardening. Thanks again and hopefully speak to you soon.

Best Wishes,


Circular Garden Re-design update

In a previous post I re-designed a circular garden in Yellowpoint BC.  Yesterday I returned to the garden to do some weeding for the garden owner.  The garden has done beautifully and is thriving.  The garden owner is very happy with her new garden and so am I.  :



Garden Re-Design
Garden Re-Design Spring 2016

Re-design update Summer 2016

Re-design 4Spring 2016Re-design update 2Summer 2016



Creating a Pond – Update

I started creating this new garden 2 seasons ago and highlighted it in a previous post on Island Garden Scapes website.  The pond progress is coming along quite nicely.  It is a large project with 2 ponds…one draining into the other via a small stream.  The pond liner was purchased at Dinter’s Nursery and the pump purchased in Victoria.  The first pond is now complete and the 2nd is a work in progress.  The pump will not be installed until the 2nd pond is complete and the stream bed finished.

The liner is actually a two part job.  There is a cushioned liner laid over the bottom and then the actual liner is laid on top of this.  This two part insert is to protect the liner from any upheaval of rocks coming through the liner and causing leakage.  Once the liner was laid then stones were laid around the pond to hold the liner in place and to enhance the pond/s beauty.  The natural stonework around the pond was created from stones on the property.  Laying the stones was similar to a jigsaw puzzle fitting the stones together so they would lay flat.  One side of the pond’s stones has cement between them to ensure they are stable.  The garden owner wanted to be able to walk between the ponds so adding cement stabilizes the walkway.

It is definitely a work in progress.  It is coming together beautifully and I am so excited to see this project completed!

See you in the garden or the garden centre! 🙂Franks Garden 031…in the beginning!

IMAG0731 800x452…;ast summer

pond update 2 pond update…this summer

Preparing a Million Dollar Property For Sale

I have worked for these garden owners for two seasons now.  And although I did not design or create these gardens, I am truly blessed to work for such lovely people in such beautiful gardens.  The property backs on to Quennell Lake  and has stunning views throughout the property which is a large acreage.  The owners themselves designed and created this park like setting with a dry river bed running across the property complete with a bridge and a large fish pond at the back of the house complete with palm trees!

All of the shrubs, trees and gardens needed to be tended.  This included weeding, feeding, pruning, trimming and general clean up throughout.  What a wonderful project!

Back yard hedge beforeBefore & After back yard hedge after 1

tree before  Before & Afterback yard after 4

tree and shrubs beforeBefore & Afterback yard hedge after

trees and shrubs beforeBefore & Afterback yard tree after pruning


backyard after pruning tree and shrubs after