Daily Archives: June 14, 2016

Trimming out of season!

Recently a new garden owner ask me to have a look at his fruit tree.  It was dropping fruit and he had no idea why.  I stopped by and noticed immediately that there were branches that had been recently trimmed.  When I spoke with him, he said yes, he had trimmed several branches because he felt he had not trimmed enough in early spring and the branches were weighed down with fruit.   I explained to him that you cannot ever trim fruit trees after the fruit has set.  This is the reason why there are so many apples on the ground, they are dropping because the tree is now stressed.  The only time to trim off a branch is if it is dead or has been broken in a storm.  Even then, often the tree will start dropping fruit.  Always trim your fruit trees in early early spring…which here on the West coast of Canada can be as early as late January through until March.  But never after it has flowered and the fruit has set.  The tree will survive…that is not in question…he just won’t get much fruit this year!  🙁



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