Creating a Xeroscape Desert Garden

It has been a busy busy couple of months with multiple projects on the go!  Here is one that I thoroughly enjoyed knowing the client will never ever have to mow their lawn again.  They wanted a no-maintenance space that would look beautiful all year long without work.  So here is what we did!

  1.  I killed the grass one week before the initial work began.
  2. Laid a minimum of 10 sheets of wet newspaper overlapping on the entire area.
  3. Laid landscape fabric down on sheets and stapled each together to create one solid piece of cover over the entire area.  The fabric was overlapped by about 4 inches and stapled together to ensure that it would not move when we were laying the stones.  This helps to minimize the risk of weeds growing.  Each outside seam was tucked down into the ground a minimum of 5 inches…most places 6 inches or more to ensure the grass and weeds would not grow in crevices.
  4. Brought in 3 yards of 1 1/4 inch drain rock ( all the rock is round so the clients can still walk across it without worrying about tripping, falling or stubbing toes.)
  5. Laid the drain rock by the wheel barrow full, a minimum of 3 inches deep on top of the landscape fabric.
  6. Created a walking path across the entire area to allow access to their side yard and back yard.  The clients had several buckets of smaller pebble rock which worked great and added a nice touch across the area.  It also added a nice visual effect and gave the garden a more balanced and natural look.
  7. Brought in several large rocks (white) to add a new element to the front yard.    The garden owner tells me that the deer are now using the walkng path which leads them away from her rose bushes.  Who knew that the path would be for the deer and save her rose bushes too!  🙂
  8. The total amount of labour was 21 hours and the materials were under $200.  Now that is a bargain….knowing that the lawn will never have to be mowed, weeded or fed!  It also flows with the neighbours front area as they added rock and stone last season.

Total cost of the project was less then $1000!  Cheers…see you in the garden or the garden centre!

desert 2 desert 3 desert 4 desert 5 desert 7 desert 8

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