Spring Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and Pruning is a must for all plants, trees and shrubs.  Trimming and Pruning allows you to shape the plant and it also stimulates growth.  Never cut more then one third of the plant as it can stress it which could cause a weakened immune system which could result in disease or pests attacking it.  Because this garden was so over grown I trimmed much off of the top and sides but did not take more then one third of the root system out.  Look for the woody overgrown stalks and trim those to the ground.  Keep the new and straight growth to allow the plant to re-generate itself.  It is important for the plant to have as much light as possible and to allow the air to flow through the plant.  This will help ensure the health of the plant as it minimizes the chance of pests and bugs to live within the shrub.  Pests are attracted to weak and diseased plants as they are easy targets for food and shelter.  After trimming, I added some organic matter and gave the area a good watering, helping to nurture it.

front corner before 2front corner before 1Before


front view completeAfter

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