This is the “WOW” factor in Landscape Gardening or Extreme Landscaping!

I took on this job in late 2015.  The gardens had been overgrown for some years and everything needed to be done.  The job was very labour intensive and at times it seemed little progress was being made.  Every bush and shrub needed to be trimmed immensely and every garden bed needed to be cleaned.  The clean up included power washing the driveway and walk way leading to the front foyer.  Just this power washing alone took 6 hours.  The property is quite a large property…over one acre so it was a matter of where to start.  If you are faced with a job this size, start with one small area and work your way out.  I started at the front entrance and moved to the driveway area as this is what is seen first.  It took two of us over 80 hours to bring this garden back to its glory…but it was worth it.  We completed this job just before Christmas 2015.  We landscaped all the way around the house including a long overgrown cedar hedge ( over 75 feet that needed to be trimmed) on the east side of the house as well.  For me…this is the wow factor in landscaping…the before and after photos tell the story.   The bigger the challenge the more I love the job and this landscaping job was such a challenge!  I have often joked that I should call myself the extreme landscaper!   I am grateful for the opportunity and  humbled by the beauty of our landscape.

Garden before 003 800x600Driveway garden progress3 800x452


driveway side in progress352x623driveway hedge trimmed 2

Driveway garden before start 800x600driveway side garden complete 352x623





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