Cleaning a Gravel Driveway

This driveway has been overgrown for a few years and needed a facelift.  I explained to the garden owners (who inherited this driveway when they purchased the property) that nature continues to condense…as with this driveway.  Year after year it becomes more compressed and there are always weed seeds floating around in the air just waiting to make landfall and sprout.  Since we live in a rainforest there always seems to be enough moisture to make things sprout.

The driveway needed to be lifted with a pitch fork and all weeds pulled out by the roots to ensure they would not come back any time soon.  Then, more gravel needed to be added to build up the driveway again.  It is similar to the garden beds…at some point you have to add compost, bark mulch, leaves, organic matter etc…  because it will continue to mulch down.  And although the gravel doesn’t mulch down, it does conpact allowing sand and small grains to be compacted enough for the weeds floating around to land and sprout.  It was a tedious labour intensive job.  There were no short cuts to be taken here.  Time and effort were required!  But, it was so worth it…when completed…it didn’t even look like the same driveway! 🙂  I worked the soil and weeded along the fence so I could lay down landscape fabric and then 6 inches of mulch to give it a finished look and maintain the weeds.  Many of the weeds were going to seed and sprouting in the driveway, compounding the problem.  It took 3 loads of gravel to amend the driveway, but it was so worth the time and effort & gravel put into it!

driveway 1driveway 10

driveway 4driveway 3driveway 5driveway 7

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